Premium Double

Located on the top floor of the hotel, the Premium Double Room is a luxurious room overlooking the city of Kurume.
The 43.2 m² room with a king-sized bed and 52-inch TV, as well as a host of other amenities of an even higher grade than other rooms. They are also equipped with massage chairs, minibars, large refrigerators, aromatic diffusers and large sofas for your comfort and relaxation. This is the only room in the hotel where you can enjoy this special space.

Due to the special nature of this room, please reserve it directly.

TEL 0942-31-1300


High speed Internet connection (LAN connection / arm light / safety box / functional working desk / LCD 32″ flat screen TV / climate controlled air conditioning / shower toilet / closet / ion dryer)

Equipment on rent

Humidifier / Air purifier / Trouser presser / Steam iron / Buckwheat hull pillow / Tempur pillow / Nail clippers / Bottle opener / Wine opener / Sewing kit / Cell phone charger / Three-pronged plug / Extension cord